Bring ballet 4 sports to your club

If you’re looking to enhance your artistic program and take your athletes’ performance to the next level, Ballet4sports can help you integrate artistic preparation to meet your specific needs.

Ballet4sports syllabus is designed to teach artistry from scratch, tailored to meet the individual requirements of each athlete and coach. We offer a range of options, from single clinics to ongoing support, ensuring that you receive the level of assistance that best suits your program.

Some ideas for workshop:

  • Ballet barre basics- most essentials for the sport.
  • Fun dance warm ups
  • Learn and expose your athletes to different dance styles and find your talents.
  • Improvisation and artistic expression
  • Technical side to leaps and turns
  • Choreographer on event – get feedback on beam and floor routines. Routine touch ups
  • Small correction can lead to big results